Now is the Time


Now is the Time


“Now is the Time” is an educational column that appears weekly in the Lancaster Farming publication and traditionally has been composed by the County Extension Director. The column provides a variety of timely installments related to agriculture and family living topics, as well as, meeting and event announcements.

With over 25 years experience with Penn State Cooperative Extension, Leon is currently serving as Extension District Director for Lancaster, Chester, and Lebanon Counties.

To Control Weeds In Small Grains October 05, 2020To Plant Annuals to Help Meet Forage Needs To Understand The Prussic Acid Risk In Warm Season Annuals after Frost To Prevent Weed Seed Spread With Your Combine September 15, 2020To Follow The Chopper With Cool Season Annuals To Control Weeds After Silage Harvest August 29, 2020To Control Burcucumber At Corn Harvest August 25, 2020To Seed Fall Forage Crops August 15, 2020To Plant Cover Crops August 08, 2020To Prevent Seed Set In Annual Weeds And To Control Perennial Weeds