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Family Farm Days

Lancaster County Agriculture Council

The Lancaster County Agriculture Council was established to promote and advocate for Lancaster County agriculture with an emphasis on providing information for Lancaster County residents. The board of directors consists of producers, representatives of agri-business and other partners. Meetings are held monthly. The Ag Council supports promotion of agriculture, which includes Oregon Dairy Family Farm Days, Lancaster County Ag Week, and agricultural-related awards at the Lancaster County Science Fair. The Ag Council also advocates for county and regional agriculture. Representatives of the Lancaster County Commissioners and Lancaster Chamber of Commerce are members of the board. Regular meetings are held with our local, Pennsylvania, and US elected officials.

Lancaster County, PA

From one perspective, Lancaster County is the land that time left behind. Farms carefully tilled, and worked by horse-drawn equipment and with animals cared for in cozy barns in much the same way as they have been for generations. Meticulously tended gardens line winding country roads that are punctuated by roadside stands. Farmer’s markets throughout the county attract customers from far and wide who browse through handmade items and select from produce that was on the vine or tree that morning.

But that is only one side of Lancaster County

Lancaster County is also a land on the cutting edge with cows milked by robots and bio-digesters collecting methane gas from manure to produce electricity. It is a land where the soil is farmed with the latest precision technologies, using GPS and other tools to help put seed and fertilizer where it can most efficiently be utilized. With stream-bank fencing, riparian buffers, cover crops, no-till planting, and other of the best conservation practices used to ensure that the land will be here for future generations.

Help Wanted

It is a land looking for workers…farm workers, equipment operators, greenhouse managers, dairy herdsmen and flock managers, feed techicians, and farmers.  And not only for help working the land and caring for the animals. Equipment service technicians and veterinarians. Loan officers, insurance representatives, accountants, and salespeople. High-end technicians to maintain the technology of 21st century agriculture. Truck drivers to transfer the produce of the county to the far parts of the region that Lancaster County feeds. The impact of Lancaster County agriculture is felt far beyond the county borders.

Come and celebrate Lancaster Agriculture with us!