Mission, Vision, and Strategic Objectives

Mission Statement

Strategically cultivate, coordinate, and celebrate Lancaster County agriculture and its global impact.


Our Core Values

We promote unity among the many agriculture interests.

We collaborate with partners to better accomplish goals.

We are visionary, strategic and proactive in addressing agricultural concerns.

We advocate for the individual farmer/ producer recognizing them as foundational to the agricultural industry.

We are about the good of the Lancaster County county community as a whole and the role of agriculture in that context… Community, Animals, Resources, and the Environment.


Strategic Objectives Coordinate/ Collaborate/ Communicate
  • Inform the various agricultural constituencies of the role of the Council in Lancaster County agriculture
  • Promote communication
  • Be an advocate/liaison for agriculture stakeholders
  • Build shared vision
  • Leverage resources
  • Build a strong organization including the structure, function, and sustainability of the Council
  • Support existing initiatives
  • Fill gaps in the system
  • Educate the general public on the value of Lancaster County agriculture and its impact on the broader community
  • Regularly solicit input from producers and other stakeholders
  • Foster connections to educational partners in the community
  • Conduct programs and promotions to enhance the education of the general public about agriculture and the food chain
  • Ag industry and the community
  • Celebrate the past, present and future
  • Environmental best practices
  • Support the development of a pipeline for the next generation of talent in the agriculture sector
    • Technology Education
    • School-to-Work
    • Succession Planning
    • Beginning Farmers
  • Take a leadership role on regional environmental and agriculture issues related to the Chesapeake Bay, engaging community partners as needed
  • Proactively monitor and act on legislation/ regulations, connecting producers with technical assistance, promoting communication with officials, and soliciting input from producers
  • Regular briefings for County Commissioners, local elected officials, township and borough officials, Lancaster County Planning Commission, and Lancaster Inter- Municipal Committee
  • Promote Smart Growth and Ag Preservation
  • Put fresh face on ag
  • Develop broad strategy for advocacy including media efforts, publications, and personal contacts
Innovate (strategic/systems-oriented/visionary/proactive)
  • Look for opportunities to proactively advance Lancaster County agriculture
  • Develop creative solutions for the future of agriculture
  • Promote creative nutrient solution opportunities
  • Promote agriculture innovation, entrepreneurship, market enhancement, and agriculture loan programs
  • Address needs of next generation and broader community/consumers
  • Encourage agriculture economic development opportunities


Goals and Initiatives for 2021 1. Providing Food Initiatives – Food Security
  • Charitable Food Initiatives
    • Helping find ways to connect farmers and charitable food providers – prevent wasting precious commodities and be better prepared for emergencies
    • Helping find ways to to provide storage and processing resources
  • Advocacy for the expansion of independent (and/or very small) meat and dairy processors through financial support that builds business opportunities, provides a trained work force, and fills a gap in the food supply chain
Ag Education and Workforce Development
  • Continued partnership with the North Museum to grow vital agricultural content and learning opportunities for K-8 grade students; content should be easily accessed with robust distribution channels
  • Reboot and support Pre-apprentice and Apprentice Programs for Ag Equipment Service Technicians
  • Possible partnership with Farm & Home Foundation – Next Generation Day
  • Continued support of Lancaster County FFA and 4-H Programs
  • Ag Week and/or Programming Initiatives
  • Emphasize the current and future needs for more people in agriculture and food career pathways and occupations
Strategic Planning in Cooperation with Lancaster County Commissioners – Developing a Long-Term View
  • Research trends in Agriculture – make sure the County and State are positioned to preserve the farmer and not just the farm
    • “Outside the Box” thinking – more direct contracting opportunities between farmers and restaurants communities for fresh food
    • Hub for small food processing operations with trained staff and workers; repurpose Ag facilities (ex. Convert unused dairy parlor to meat processing operation)
    • Support and collaborate with the Lancaster County Clean Water Partners providing a bridge to the agriculture community
Public Relations
  • 10 Year anniversary
  • New and updated website; robust use of social media
  • Ag week and/or Ag programming initiatives
  • Denim and Pearls Fundraising Banquet – celebration of agriculture
  • Support vaccination options for essential agricultural workers, if desired