Agricultural Education

Agricultural Career Education

Encourage and Educating Young People for Agricultural Careers

With the general shortage of workers because of demographic trends and the overall decline in farm familiies, keeping a supply of skilled agricultural workers has become an important theme for the survival of the industry.

Not only does the Lancaster County Agriculture Council work with traditional agriculture careers programs like the National FFA Organization but it also coordinates its efforts with the PA Commission for Agricultural Education Excellence to provide career information on a broader basis to young people in late elementary school through higher education. Its new collaboration with the North Museum of Nature and Science opens introduces STEM careers in agriculture and food to a young people in Lancaster County.

Agricultural careers are included on the Top 100 Hot Jobs in Lancaster County for the coming decade. Click here for more information.

Coordination of high school agriculture programs where they share programming, link to complementary programs at the Lancaster County Career and Technology Center, and then articulate credits with higher education at Delaware Valley University and Penn State University is a priority task of the Agriculture Council.


Currently, there are 11 agriculture education programs at the following school districts which also have active PA FFA Organization chapters as a part of their work…