Board of Directors


Updated 06-05-17


  1. Jedd Moncavage, Team Ag
  2. George Cook, Blakinger Thomas
  3. James Musser, M & R Grains
  4. Mary Henry, Mid-Atlantic Farm Credit
  5. Dale Hershey, Univest Bank
  6. Don Hoover, Binkley and Hurst
  7. Greg Kirkham, Westfield Insurance
  8. Michael Peachey, Acuity Advisors and CPAs
  9. Lamar King, Fulton Bank
  10. Scott Bailey, Wenger Feeds
  11. Aimee Culbert, New Holland


  1. Rob Barley, Star Rock Farms
  2. Luke Brubaker, Brubaker Farms
  3. Jack Coleman, Cherry Crest Farm
  4. Lisa Graybeal, Graywood Farms
  5. Dan Heller, Flintrock Farms
  6. Steve Hershey, Steven and Brenda Hershey Dairy Farm
  7. George Hurst, Oregon Dairy
  8. J. Kevin Rohrer
  9. Andy Bollinger, Meadow Spring Farm
  10. Phil Good, Shadow Ridge Farm


  1. Tom Baldrige, Lancaster Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  2. James Cowhey, Lancaster County Planning Commission
  3. Jayne Sebright, Center for Dairy Excellence
  4. Chris Herr, PennAg Industries
  5. Lisa Riggs, Economic Development Company of Lancaster County
  6. Matt Knepper, Lancaster County Agriculture Preservation Board
  7. Karen Martynick, Lancaster Farmland Trust
  8. Christopher Thompson, Lancaster County Conservation District
  9. Leon Ressler, Lancaster County Cooperative Extension
  10. Scott Sheely, PA Department of Agriculture
  11. Dennis Stuckey, Lancaster County Commissioners
  12. Ron Frederick, Ag Teachers